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Mint Engineering was established in 1987 choosing small scale construction machinery field as their main scope, in Ankara, Turkey.

During the first start-up years with the co-operation from US, Scandinavian, and German Companies, Mint has provided high-end products to the Turkish construction market.

In 1992, Mint has started collaboration with “Netter Vibration GmbH”, which is the Industry leader in the world for vibrators. With the collaboration, Mint Engineering has started to concentrate on vibrators and in time, the field of Concrete and Industrial Vibrator`s became the main scope.

Mint Engineering`s main focus area of activity has been vibration in concrete, especially in precast elements production and using vibration in other industries for sifting, compacting, eliminating bridging and conveying systems.

In 1995, Mint has started production of frequency and voltage convertors, which is one of the main parts of the concrete vibrators. With this Mint has been a pioneer and first in Turkey to produce electronic frequency and voltage convertors.

With the continuing efforts in Research and Development, Mint has started production of the toroidal transformer which is the minimum lightweight electronic frequency and voltage convertors in Europe in the year 2000. As an example, the MFK 40 electronic frequency and voltage convertor which has 40 Amp. output only weighs 18 kg. Until today, this convertor is still the minimum weighing electronic frequency and voltage convertor produced in Europe.

In 2004, the implementation oriented design of the speed control device (invertors) has been finalized as part of the MFK electronic convertors and it is being used in improving the product ever since. Now the MFK series convertors, with the custom designed electronic frequency card, and the toroidal transformer with its cutting-edge technology has become the leading, lightweight, and powerful product in the sector. Like all other best in class products, the MFK convertors have been tried to be copied but they could not reach the same quality hence were not successful.

In 2009 with the production of MEV high frequency external vibrators and MHV pneumatic external vibrators, Mint has been indispensable for tunnel mold implementations, precast element production facilities. Also with the production of the complete line of products, application solutions, plans and after sale fast and economic maintenance services has been a leading company in the field.

Mint Engineering is celebrating its 30th year anniversary as a company and 25th year with co-operation with Netter in 2017. Having said this, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every Customer, Organization, and Individual; whom has supported, encouraged, pointed to the right direction by showing mistakes, and have been a milestone in Company history.

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